Exhibitions and Conferences

APESK has hosted numerous annual exhibitions and conferences for industry, government and private sector participants involved in the power facilities and electric grid industry. Previous conferences have laid the foundation for national and international sustainability goals. The upcoming conference, ENES-2016, will be held in Moscow 23-25 November.

This event is sponsored by the government of Moscow and the Russian Ministry of Energy. The Forum ENES is an annual conference that focuses on emerging topics related to energy development and energy efficiency.

Key topics on the conference agenda include: sustainable urban development, improving the reliability of a safe, clean energy supply to consumers, and the energy efficiency of the economy.

The goal of the conference is to develop and agree upon a strategic plan for these topics, as well as others that will be advanced as a platform for the 2018-2025 biennium.

More than a thousand participants from government, national and foreign industries, academia, and the scientific community are expected to participate.